Listing By Program

Dial: 906.632.6896 or 877.482.3601 or 800.562.4957


Accounting Ext.
Diane Rogers Accounting Supervisor 153
Yvonne Yacuone Bookkeeping 155
Administration  Ext.
L. John Lufkins Executive Director
Christin McKerchie Executive Assistant 118
Kim Nystrom Admin. Services Manager (LIEAP) 114
Debra Bonacci Receptionist 101
Don Kincheloe IT Technician 135
Behavioral Health Ext.
Eva Petoskey ATR Director/Principle Investigator
Connie DePlonty ATR Information Technology/Voucher Coordinator 129
Sheila Hammock Call Center Specialist 131
Meredith Kennedy Project Manager 138
Environmental Health Ext.
Dwight Sargent Environmental Services Director 113
Greg Shubel Environmental Specialist 117
Travis Maki Air Quality Technician 148
Robin Clark Environmental Specialist 121
Bill Bernier Environmental Specialist 147
Head Start and Early Head Start Ext.
Ann Cameron Head Start Director 159
Susan Morningstar Education Services Manager 156
Cindy Payment Administrative Assistant 150
Health Education and Chronic Disease Ext.
Noel Pingatore Department Director 107
Mike Willette Communications Specialist 111
Cathy Edgerly REACH Program Manager 106
Josh Mayo Health Communication Consultant 125
Chris Sams Administrative Support Specialist 105
Joshua Hudson NNN Project Coordinator 152
Human Resources Ext.
Wendy Belleau H.R. Director 109
Maternal Child Health Ext.
Elizabeth Kushman Manager
Sandy Thompson Administrative Assistant 120
Lisa Abramson PREP Project Director, Evaluation Specialist 133
Michelle Schulte Honoring Our Children Director
Amanda Leonard Tribal Home Visiting Coordinator 136
Raeanne Madison Health Communications Coordinator 126