Title VI Program

The Title VI Elders Program assists tribal elders in remaining independent. Program workers visit regularly with the elders and can identify a change in status or behavior can communicate needs and make appropriate referrals. They can be a vital link between the elder and community service providers.

An expected outcome for the Title VI Elderly Program is to improve the overall health, quality of life, independence, access to services, a safe environment, necessary referrals, and regular nutritious meals.

Nutrition Services Incentive Program

Nutrition Services Incentive Program supplements funding for home-delivered meals and congregate meals.

Caregiver Program

Caregiver’s program services will provide Homemaker services, and the Gathering Place, etc. with the overall goal of keeping their older/frail elders in the community.

Participating Tribes

  • Hannahville Indian Community
  • Lac Vieux Desert Band of Chippewa Indian Community
  • Gun Lake Tribe of Pottawatomi Indians