Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Support Program

Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc. Institutional #671
Health Education and Chronic Disease Department
Breast and Cervical Cancer Outreach and Education

Statement of Work


A. To support and enhance working partnerships between local health departments and twelve federally recognized Michigan tribes.

Coordinate meetings between local tribal health directors/staff and LCA BCCCP Coordinators

Facilitate discussion and implementation of collaborative activities and services.

Support local tribal participation in BCCCP and women’s health coalitions, including local and state wide meetings.

B. To assist twelve federally recognized tribes and local coordinating agencies in establishing effective outreach and recruitment strategies to promote access to breast and cervical cancer screening follow up services for Native American women.

Coordinate meetings with tribal BCCCP staff for the purpose of providing technical assistance in the development of specific outreach and recruitment activities.

Facilitate and support the development and use of strategies to promote and secure follow up services for tribal women.

C. To build capacity within twelve federally recognized tribes to support and provide direct BCCCP service and effective outreach and recruitment activities through training and education.

Coordinate an annual statewide training and education session for tribal staff focusing on education and skill development.

Facilitate opportunities for collaboration and sharing of successful outreach and recruitment activities targeting Native American women among the tribal staff.

Develop and provide effective and appropriate educational materials and resources to the tribes.

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