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State Opioid Response MAT Initiative


  • The State Opioid Response Grant will address the Opioid crisis in our tribal communities. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is used for those with substance use disorders. MAT reduces unmet treatment needs and reduces opioid overdose deaths through prevention, treatment and recovery actions for those with an opioid use disorder. MAT uses the combination of  medicines and therapy for a “whole patient” approach. Research has shown that this approach can help sustain a person in recovery. This initiative also supports evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery support services to address substance use misuse and substance use disorders. There are three MAT FDA approved medicines that are used. Those medicines are Methadone, Naltrexone (Vivitrol), Buprenorphine (Suboxone). Through this project, tribes will build upon their current prevention and treatment activities.

Event Photos

Amanda Frazier was awarded the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 2023 Collaborative Partner of the Year Award. This award is to recognize an individual; who has exhibited the ability to build interagency capacity and partnerships at the state or community level and collaborated with the MDHHS/SUGE to accomplish strategic goals.

Amanda is a Project Manager in the Behavioral Health Division at ITC. She oversees the SOR3 grant. 

Amanda Frazier, Project Manager for our SOR3 program attended the Spirit Walk for Safe Communities held April 27, hosted by Bay Mills Indian Community.  She provided material covering Medication Assisted Treatment, cultural resources, mental health, and other treatment related resources.