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Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division assists member Tribes in environmental and natural resource assessment, planning, and permitting. Our staff provide direct services, access to resources, and technical assistance in support of tribal programs and priorities, from environmental compliance and permitting to natural resource assessments and community-based management planning.


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To contact our staff dial one of these numbers followed by the extensions listed below. 906.632.6896 or 877.482.3601 or 800.562.4957

Bill Bernier

Environmental Services Director & Registered Sanitarian

Ext: 115
Email: bbernier@itcmi.org

Greg Shubel

Compliance Inspector & Geologist

Ext: 117
Email: gshubel@itcmi.org

Dustin Paras

Environmental Specialist

Ext: 127
Email: dustin.paras@itcmi.org

Anthony Rinna

Envionmental Specialist

Ext: 163
Email: anthony.rinna@itcmi.org