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Economic Development Planning Grant

Planning Investment Grant

The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc. has received funding from the Economic Development Administration for purpose of continuation of a planning process that is designed to promote good economic planning, educate the participating tribes about the Economic Development Administration’s new regulations and initiatives and assure that the participating tribes meeting the eligibility and requirements for economic ventures by documenting a Planning document called a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. The program will also engage in discussions on how the participating tribes can partner with their local planning districts, colleges or Universities and other State Collaborations to promote economic development for their total regions.

2024 Annual Survey

Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan is updating its list of Tribal economic development and public works projects for 2024 for participating tribes.  We will submit this list to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) as a part of our 2024-25 “Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Annual Update” (CEDS).

EDA grant funds can be used for the construction of roads, water, sewer and other publicly-owned infrastructure needed to create and retain large numbers of jobs.

We want the Tribes to be as successful as possibly in qualifying for federal grants to help the Tribes compete successfully in the global economy.  While the focus of this inventory and the CEDS process is on projects that may qualify for funding from the EDA, the agency is looking to inventory all projects, programs and activities that may impact the Tribes economic well-being.  This could include projects that may be eligible for funding through other programs, such as USDA-Rural Development, CDBG, MDOT, FHWA, etc.  Projects that you wish to be considered for the “Priority Projects Listing” must be identified on the attached Priority Project Questionnaire Form.

How to Fill out Your 2024 CEDS Project List and Project Survey Forms

We have enclosed the following in seeking your input to the 2024 CEDS process:

  1. Tribal Project List
  1. Project Questionnaire Form
  1. Project Submission Form
  1. Project Criteria

Please update your Project List with any new project proposals, deletions, or other changes.  For your convenience, please note any change directly on the 2024 project list.  If there are no changes, please write “No Changes”.  If the status of a project has changed, please note it in the “Status” column.  Finally, please indicate if a project has been completed.

The enclosed survey form will allow you to report back on completed projects and/or activities that have transpired in your community during the past 12 months, as well as projects that you have secured funding for, projects you are seeking funding for and finally any problems or issues your community is currently facing.

We would like your input on identifying new priority projects in your community.  Please complete the attached Project Submission Form for each new project.

How to Return Your 2024 CEDS Project Survey Information

You can mail or fax your updated project list and project surveys forms (see information below) or email them to me at You may also fax your information to us at (906) 632-1810.

If you have any questions or comments about this process, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.


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