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Lead Testing in Drinking Water - Childcare Facilities

With funding made available by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, through Section 1459A of the Safe Drinking Water Act, ITCMI, in collaboration with IHS, is undertaking the testing of Tribal schools and childcare facilities for lead contaminated drinking water. ITCMI and IHS will provide lead testing to participating schools/childcare facilities based on prioritization of facilities which serve more vulnerable populations (under age of six) and based on the age of infrastructure at facilities that are likely to contain lead plumbing or lead-containing fixtures.


Through this program ITCMI will implement the EPA’s 3Ts guidance as the method to:

1) Communicate, throughout the implementation of the program, the results and important lead information to the public, parents, teachers, and Tribal community;

(2) Train on the risks of lead in drinking water and testing for lead, as well as developing key partnerships to support the program;

(3) Test using appropriate testing protocols and a certified laboratory; and

(4) Take Action, including the development of a plan for responding to results of testing conducted and addressing potential elevated lead where necessary.



For more information regarding the Water Infrastructure Improvements of the Nation (WIIN) Act please visit https://www.epa.gov/tribaldrinkingwater/wiin-act-section-2107-lead-testing-school-and-child-care-program-drinking-water or contact:

Dustin Paras
Environmental Specialist
Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan
9066326896 x127


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