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Tribal Action Plan

A Trial Action Plan (TAP) is a strategic plan for Tribes to take an active role in addressing alcohol and substance abuse issues in tribal communities. A TAP provides the tribe with a sense of ownership. This is a tribally driven process where the tribes create a TAP to identify existing strengths, weaknesses and resources within their communities. It also asses’ substance abuse, prevention and treatment needs, along with identifying urgent alcohol and substance abuse issues. TAP coordinates existing resources and programs to help tribes achieve their goals in prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders.

A TAP is a road map for success, it is a comprehensive community plan that addresses long term positive change in tribal communities. It is a “living document” that is used to guide your tribal community to reduce alcohol and substance abuse. TAP is a strategic plan that is specific to a community’s strengths, resources, needs and challenges. It supports tribal self-determination as it is made by the tribe for the tribe. There is no single one TAP that works for all tribes. It is made especially for your tribe that best fits your community. A TAP allows for your tribal community to be creative in the development of goals and objectives in regards to alcohol and substance use. The Development of a TAP should include all members of a community, such as; elders, men, women, spiritual leaders, educators, tribal council and any other services that is particular to each specific tribal community.

Purpose of a Tribal Action Plan:

  • Allows tribes to identify existing strengths and resources that helps a tribe overcome challenges that may be in your community.
  • Allows for assessment of needs related to alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Allows to address prevention and treatment activities.
  • Addresses a comprehensive strategy to prevent and reduce alcohol and substance abuse in a community.
  • Establishment of a Tribal Coordinating Committee to develop, implement and coordinate TAP.

A TAP should be comprehensive and provide community goals and the elements that will link a community together. Development of a TAP provides a community with a road map to success to fight alcohol and substance use. Take action toward prevention by developing a Tribal Action Plan.