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Gigiigoo'inann Study

Explore the Gigiigoo’inaan App (Our Fish App) —an innovative tool developed by the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCMI) and The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) in collaboration with Anishinnaabe community members from the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority (CORA) 1836 Treaty fishing tribes. This user-friendly app, available on iPhones, Androids, and the web, provides personalized recommendations for safe fish consumption in the Great Lakes and Bemidji Region. Tailoring advice based on factors like age, weight, portion size, and the waterway where the fish is from, the app is designed to help users make informed choices, safeguarding both their health and the environment.

Fish hold great cultural significance for the Anishinaabe, and their cherished fishing traditions face environmental threats. The Gigiigoo’inaan App is significant because it provides users safe fish consumption advices as well as healthy and easy fish recipes. This app has gathered positive feedback, with Anishinaabe fish consumers reporting increased confidence, higher fish consumption, and improved understanding of environmental health.

Join us in preserving fishing traditions and make informed fish-eating choices. Download the Gigiigoo’inaan App today!


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