13 Moons Curriculum - ITCMI

Seed Recipe

Zaagibigaa Giizis is the 3rd Moon in the 13 Moons of Anishinaabe Nutrition. This short video celebrates miinikaan, seed. Learn to make your own snack with this easy recipe and find out more about our amazing seed relative.

Bean Sprouts

We may have moved from the cold of winter but you can still grow healthy greens at home without soil. Here is an activity to accompany lessons from the White Earth Land Recovery Project’s 13 Moons of Anishinaabe Nutrition Curriculum. See how!

Strawberry Moon

June is also known as Odemini-Giizis or the Strawberry Moon in many Anishinaabe communities here are teachings from WELRP’s 13 Moons of Anishinaabe Nutrition Curriculum and a simple wild rice, nuts, and berries recipe to try at home.

Berry Moon Smoothies

The Berry Moon is the 6th moon in the Anishinaabe calendar. In this video, we share more teachings on the benefits of berries and how to make your own infused water and non-dairy fruit smoothies.